cbsc partners with organizations that
share our interest in technology

The Engineering Association IDA is the voice of technology in Denmark and a hub for for knowledge, network and protection of interest. IDA has partnered with us because they recognize the value in bringing tech and business closer together. We like them a lot. Click here to learn more about them.

Growing interest

IDA recognizes the growing interest in combining technical skills and business acumen. That's why they support our mission.


Let's face it. These kind of things don't work without coffee. At our events, the support from IDA enables us to offer refreshments and keep our members awake.


IDA hosts relevant events and workshops every week. As a partner of IDA, we can offer our members access to a lot of these events.


As a student member of IDA, one gets access to their entire suite of benefits for free. IDA also offers the best and cheapest student insurance available. Find out if you are eligible here

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