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var  cbscode = {
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“cbs code”,
    type = student_org,
    purpose = “unite coders”,
    vision = “inspire + help”

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Code sprints

We arrange code sprints whenever possible. Here we get together and work on projects.

Talks & Trips

We use our network and look for techy events, such as talks and workshops in Copenhagen

Startup pitches

We offer technical feedback - and possibly help - to startups in a (less scary) Dragon's Den manner.

community stuff

We all need to pause for a beer or a burrito every once in a while. Come for the code, stay for the people

</why tech matters>

<pWherever your career takes you,  IT will be all around. We @ cbsc would like to turn that into a professional strength. Understanding technology gives you a competitive edge in the 21st century. supposedly, coding is pretty popular too</p>

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Program or Be Programmed.

<pUnderstanding technology is important and coding is a very good place to start. Read more below. </p>

"Coding is the most important second
language you can learn."

– Tim Cook, CEO @ Apple.
(I’d say English but hey, what do i know?)

You Should Learn How to Code

Learning to Code is Not Just for Coders

</only for coders?>

<pNot at all. CBSC is simply about being part of a community that wants to develop its digital fluency. There’s plenty to do in the IT ecosystem besides coding.  </p>

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</how you benefit>

<pWe pretty much have 3 selling points: a network of like-minded students, a resource library of free coding resources and, thirdly, access to whatever benefits we can cook up with our partners. We think that learning a skill and getting better at something is easier in when you are part of something.  </p>

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Active practice > passive learning

>  There is no shortcut to learning how to code.
>  There is no shortcut to digital fluency either.
>  But the fastest way is active practice herehere and here are some papers on the matter. 


> Helping others learn is THE best way to improve your own abilities! Both for you and for others!

Sources: Fiorella et. al. (2013), Cohen et. al. (1982), Psaradellis et. al. (2016), Dauo et. al. (2016)


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