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var  cbscode = {
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“cbs code”,
    type = “student org @ CBS”
    purpose = “code stuff”,
    vision = “learn by doing”

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Code sprints

We host biweekly code sprints. They are all about talking concepts and working on projects together. With coffee of course.

Talks & Trips

We look for new talks and workshops at CBS, in Copenhagen or even abroad. So much to learn, so little time!

Startup pitches

We like startups. A lot. Need technical feedback on your concept? Come pitch for us. Maybe we can help you out!

Build community

We all need to pause for a beer or a burrito every once in a while. Come for the code, stay for the people (+ the burritos)

</why coding matters>

<pWherever your career takes you, technology will be all around. Let’s turn it into a professional strength! Understanding technology gives you a competitive edge in the 21st century. supposedly, coding is pretty popular too. Time for blast off!  </p>

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Program or Be Programmed.

"Coding is the most important second
language you can learn."

– Tim Cook, CEO @ Apple.
(I’d say English but hey, what do i know?)

You Should Learn How to Code

Learning to Code is Not Just for Coders

</only for coders?>

<p> Nope! Not at all. We have room for creative types of all kinds. Do you like graphic design? Are you a charming PR person? Do you just want to learn more about technology without coding yourself? Are you into predictive stock analysis? We are here for you. So, go ahead, sign up and let’s make cool things happen!  </p>

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</how you benefit>

<pCBS Code is about 2 things: learning by doing & building cool stuff. Have an idea for an app? We help with sparring, funding & architecture. Want to build a website?  Utilize our connections to get hosting & tools. Basically, it’s all about dreaming big. We always try to get cool new software & devices for our community. Point is, there is a lot of benefits – just ask!  </p>

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> We are 100% project-based.
Learn app dev by building an app!
> Why you ask? The science is in!
> Read a few of the papers herehere and here


> Helping others learn is THE best way to improve your own abilities! Both for you and for others! > Meet new people and expand your network! 
Sources: Fiorella et. al. (2013), Cohen et. al. (1982), Psaradellis et. al. (2016), Dauo et. al. (2016)


Send us an email at info@cbscode.com or use the form below.
Members, please use our slack channel. Want to join? Click here

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