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var  cbscode = {
    name =
“cbs code”,
    type = student_org,
    purpose = “unite coders”,
    vision = “have fun”

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Code sprints

We arrange code sprints whenever possible. Here we get together and work on projects.

Talks & Trips

We use our network and look for techy events, such as talks and workshops in Copenhagen

Startup pitches

We offer technical feedback - and possibly help - to startups in a (less scary) Dragon's Den manner.

community stuff

We all need to pause for a beer or a burrito every once in a while. Come for the code, stay for the people

</why tech matters>

<pWherever your career takes you, digital fluency will matter. We @ CBSC want to take full advantage of that. Understanding technology gives you a competitive edge in the 21st century. supposedly, coding is pretty popular too</p>

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Program or Be Programmed.

<pUnderstanding technology is important and coding is a very good place to start. Read more below. </p>

"Coding is the most important second
language you can learn."

– Tim Cook, CEO @ Apple.

You Should Learn How to Code

Learning to Code is Not Just for Coders

</only for coders?>

<pNot at all. CBSC is simply about being part of a community that wants to develop its digital fluency. There’s plenty to do in the IT ecosystem </p>

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</how you benefit>

<p> well, that’s probably the wrong way to look at it. If you want to meet up with other students at CBS who like to code or would like to learn how to, then this organization is for you. We decide what we do together </p>

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Active practice > passive learning

>  There are no shortcuts in learning how to code.
>  There is no shortcut to digital fluency either.
>  But the fastest way is active practice herehere and here are some papers on the matter. 


> Helping others learn is THE best way to improve your own abilities! Both for you and for others!

Sources: Fiorella et. al. (2013), Cohen et. al. (1982), Psaradellis et. al. (2016), Dauo et. al. (2016)


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